With Ultimate Social Plus Checker, you can check your Social Stats. This tool also allows you to input your site, and simultaneously Facebook like it, Google plus it, Twitter Tweet it, Digg it, StumbleUpon it, Save it on Delicious, and LinkedIn it.

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Note: In Google plus button, having a forward slash on the URL of a site (specially in the homepage URL), is different from without it. So one tip for that is to be consistent on what URL you Google +1. Almost always, the URL with a forward slash should be the one to Google +1.

After pressing the Send button, please wait for a moment until the Ultimate Social Plus Checker finishes checking all the websites stats.

See sample result: (You can directly social plus ones your websites like this one. Try and see. )

  • URL: http://www.wiztechie.com/   
  • FB Likes: 0   
  • Google +1's: 0   
  • StumbleUpon Views: 0   
  • LinkedIn Shares: 0   
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